Rwanda: President Paul Kagame Does DNA Test and the result is astonishing

Rwandan President Paul Kagame recently admitted that that he did a DNA Test and the result is is astonishing.

While to talking to Jeune Afrique recently, President Paul Kagame confessed to having undergone a DNA test some time back but was surprised how the media had known because that was confidential information.

Some Excerpts from the interview that Kagame had with Jeane Afrique which were translated into English by our experts read thus;

Jeune Afrique: Question indiscreet: I learned that you were done a DNA test. So did it for what reason?

HE Paul Kagame: It was supposed to be confidential, but hey, I will tell you: out of scientific curiosity, nothing more.

Jeune Afrique: What did the DNA test reveal to you?

HE Paul Kagame: A complex genetic mix: African, European, Asian, Tutsi, Hutu …

Jeune Afrique: Interesting, for someone who is sometimes portrayed in archetype of “Tutsi power”!

HE Paul Kagame: It’s the proof that even racist whims do not resist DNA tests. I am a human being who considers his fellows as human beings, no matter if they believe in the creation of man or his evolution. I am so, not otherwise.

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