Photos:Some of behind the scenes shootings of black panther in the Western region of Uganda

At this point referring to the movie ‘Black Panther’ as famous would be more than an understatement as no words can describe how popular it has become in the whole world.The 2018 American superhero film has scenes that were shot in Uganda, and it is indeed a pleasure that the Pearl of Africa got an opportunity to share in this fame.

Some behind the scenes pictures captured during the shooting of Black Panther show aerial shots that were taken in Western Uganda; Bwindi Forest and Mountain Rwenzori.Uganda is indeed lucky to be part of this film that has made history in the whole world.

Currently everyone across the globe is talking about Black Panther, in Uganda the scramble for watching it has just began.It was produced by Marvel Studios, directed by Ryan Coogler and distributed by Walt Disney studios motion pictures.

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