Miss Umutoniwase Anastasie praised her lover after both hooked by misses (Photos)


Miss Umutoniwase Anstasie who recently voted to stand for Rwanda in Miss Earth which now taking place in Philippine revealed her misses and show a husband that will marry her after long time denying that she hasn’t boyfriend.

Both Mutoniwase and her boyfriend hooked by desire during six days after Anastasie went to Philippine. With Media Miss Anstasie before leaving Rwanda to Philippine  denied that she is not in love with any boy but now end up known that she has .

Anastasie demonstrated that she misses her boyfriend  via Instagram where she displayed her desire to this boy.

“I miss you my lovely husband Gatsinzi.” She said

Normally, Miss Anastasie is one of  known ladies who selected to be voted in Miss Rwanda 2018, She ended up at good level  and she was voted as Miss Popularity that gave her  chance to win  other competition of Miss Earth and it  resulted  to be now in Philippine.

Miss Anastasie became famous at the time where he went in the camp with motorbike that makes her loved and voted due to her kindness, This makes both people and media to approach and vote Anastasie which makes her to be Miss Popularity of the year 2018.

Gatsinzi who is now in love with Anastasie is not ashamed to show public that he already reached another level in love as he is taken as husband of Anastasie via Anastasie’s instagram.

Via his Instagram Gatsinzi revealed that he missed his lover Miss umutoni Anastasie too.

‘I miss you my lovely wife Umutoniwase Anastasie.” he revealed.

Anastasie who stand for Rwanda in Miss Earth 2018 inPhilippine

Anastasi is not ashamed to show misses to her lover whom he take as husband


Handsome Gatsinzi, Anastasie’s lover
At the back of others, Miss Anastasie in Philippine
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