Miss Umutesi Shanitah begs proposal in Miss University Africa 2018 (photos)

It remains 24 days the  second runner up Miss Rwanda 2018, Umutesi Shanitah to attend an upcoming event of voting Miss University  Africa 2018, the event of selecting most intelligent and beautiful miss in all universities and high schools of  Africa.

Though many ladies  from 54 countries on African continent  are selected to attend this  competition of Miss University Africa, it will be selected only  one country and one miss who will be Miss university Africa 2018.


Miss Umutesi Shanitah who stands for Rwanda in this international competition of voting Miss University Africa 2018 revealed that she  is ahead in preparation of competition  because she is just get success in   some homework which are given  to those 54 ladies. These homework is one of selected tasks that will increase chance to those ladies to be voted or selected.

Miss Umutesi Shanitah is just begging Rwandans to vote  her by likes and comments  on her photos and videos which are posted and viable on social medias of Miss University Africa.

“This event am participating I humbly beg Rwandans to like and comment on some videos and photos available on Instagram and Facebook page ‘missuniversityafrica’  this will help me to be in first ten winners as the way to return with this crown in Rwanda.” She said

This action of participating in Shanita’s vote through comments and likes will last until the day of  competition. Miss Shanitah also revealed that she already started studies at university.





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