Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho wishes to sign Eden Hazard

Manager of Manchester United Jose Mourinho,says he would like  to sign Eden Hazard for his team but knows it would be impossible because “Chelsea that holds Eden Hazard is led by intelligent people”.

Eden Hazard, 27, won the Premier League under Jose  Mourinho when he was manager’s second spell in Chelsea in 2015.

In interview Mourinho had with Belgian newspaper HLN revealed that he want to work with Hazard again to get success as before.

“We had a good relationship, we were champions together, so I think the feelings are good,” Mourinho said.

“History says that when Eden Hazard is the best player in the Premier League, Chelsea is the champion.

“It happened with me, it happened with Antonio Conte in 2017. The season is still in the beginning of course but, if he is the best player of the Premier League until now, which I think he is, Chelsea is top of the league because he’s the kind of player who can make a huge difference.

“I would love to have him in Manchester United but I don’t think Chelsea will sell him to Manchester United.

“It’s a non-problem because Chelsea are led by intelligent and experienced people in football and I think they would never sell Eden to Manchester United.”

United take on Mourinho’s former club at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, with the Portuguese still under pressure to turn his side’s season around after four wins from their first eight games.

Mourinho has previously said there is a “Manhunt” against him.

Likewise,  Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri said he believes United might have the best squad in the Premier League, and that Mourinho will win major silverware again.

“You are talking about one of the best coaches in the world, the results speak for him,” Sarri said. I need to win if I want to compare myself to him. At the moment, it’s not possible. I’m not at the moment one of the best.”

Though Mourinho wishes Hazard from Chelsea, Sarri, manager of Chelsea is not afraid to reveal how stronger Mourihno is with his team Manchester United.

“I think he will be able to win also in the future, because he is really one of the best. Maybe the best. The results are the best. At the moment I think Manchester City is better like a team, but player by player United are very, very strong, maybe the best in the Premier League.” Sarri added

Sarri said that Hazard is everything to Chelsea as a sign to not resign.

“He’s a fantastic player,” said Sarri. “And so it will be very important for us if he will remain with us. Very, very important. I think also he can win everything – also the Ballon d’Or – here, without playing in Spain”

Mourinho with Hazard in 2014 whes he was still play in Chelsea


Maurizio Sarri, Chelsea manager


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