Kigali: Rudeboy got ashamed after asked about his twin Peter Okoye


Super star Nigerian  musician Paul Okoye known as Rudeboy  got ashamed   after being asked  about the source and the reasons for conflicts  with  his twin Peter Okoye that resulted  to the falling apart of their group of  P-Square.

Back to home, P-Square  group was formed in 1999, helped by  Convict Music  and Universal Music Group.

Generally, P-Square is one of strongest musician group ever known in Nigeria even in Africa. Due to their level of performance they got different awards and it makes it to be known globally.


During 2016 misunderstanding was found between  Paul Okoye [Rudeboy] and  Peter Okoye [Mr. P] as in 2017  started to make music on everyone’s  own  till today.

On this Friday Rudeboy  who was invited to sing in concert of giving AMA awards in African cinema, ignored to answer media after asked about his breaking with Peter Okoye.

With anger, Rudeboy said it is family issue not necessary to be involved by anyone

“Don’t you have brothers? Can you hate your family completely?  Can you tell everyone that you hate your family? Those are family issue and I don’t wish anyone to involve but I am with them” Rudeboy said

This concert Rudeboy invited to perform will take place on this Saturday at Rusororo in Intare Conferance Arena.

Entrance tickets are worth respectively 5000 Frw and 15000Frw  in normal places,   25000 Frw in VIP and 500,oooFrw at table of eight.

Tickets are available at Nakumatt at UTC and Kagugu. You can just contact them  on 8788558880 or via e-mail:


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