Israel Mbonyi on a commission to spread the gospel globally

Rwanda – Israel Mbonyi, a shining worshiper from Rwanda has intention of navigating the world spreading the good news in the year 2018.From all possible corners of the earth, Mbonyi hopes to stand as a witnesses of Jesus Christ, winning as many souls to the Kingdom as he possibly can.

The worshiper shared the resolution in an interview when he talked with one Ugandan Media and he said:

“2018 will be the year of working hard serving people of God, participating in different concerts all over the world, because I have plenty of invitations so I will be performing’,” Mbonyi remarked.

Singer Mbonyi, born Mbonyicyambu Israel.

He came as a big surprise to the Rwandan gospel industry when he released his first album labelled, ‘’Number One.’’ The album not only received warm in the nation alone, but crossed to the diaspora as well. This meant open doors! He has since received invitations to minister to different countries such as Mozambique, Belgium, Holland, Canada among others.

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