Crackdown on hawkers within CBD to go on for 14 days with police reinforcements

Armed police officers have teamed up with the county’s inspectorate officers to flush out hawkers within the CBD.Several arrests have been made along Tom Mboya, Ronald Ngala and Mfangamano streets and River Road since Friday following a public outcry. Those arrested were taken to Kamkuni and Central Police Stations.

Speaking to the StarXXX, most of the police officers said they were following orders to carry out the operation and arrest any hawker found conducting business within the streets.The county’s Director for Operation Peter Mbaya said the operation will go on until more than 7,000 hawkers leave to ensure the city’s lost glory is restored.

“Law and order must be followed by everyone in this city and hawkers and bodaboda operators are not exempted. Catch and run races with hawkers will soon to an end “Mbaya said.During the operation, not even those hawkers who have been occupying the entrance of Bus Station terminus along Ronald Ngala street were spared.

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