Butabika Hospital should prepare to receive Tanga Odoi- Kasule Lumumba

The war of words between NRM secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba and Tanga Odoi, the motor-mouthed ruling party electoral commission chairperson is not about to end.

Lumumba says as a leader, she has had to keep quiet for the last three years as Tanda Odoi kept attacking and abusing her, until this week when she chose to speak out.
While on Simba FM 97.3 program, Olutindo early this week, Lumumba said that Butabika Hospital should prepare to receive a new client- in Tanga Odoi

Butabika hospital is a referral psychiatric hospital that specializes in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of mental disorders
‘ ‘ Medical professionals say, we all have mental problems, however the difference is the level and magnitude of our madness. So, if someone goes beyond the acceptable madness, then they should be taken to Butabika for medical attention’’ Lumumba said.
In January 2016, State minister for Health General Duties Sarah Opendi said that Tanga Odoi has a mental problem and thus needs to be medically checked.

The State made the ‘revelation’ while at a church fundraising function in Tororo describing Odoi as a “man who has a mental problem”
Lumumba’s remarks comes after Tanga Odoi’s attacks following the restructuring at Plot 10.
It all started early this week when Lumumba announced a restructuring process, where over 400 employees would be relieved over their duties over operation money challenges.
Tanga however blamed Lumumba’s failure to have the workers at the secretariat paid for close to nine months on poor administration, inexperience and maintaining ghost workers.

He described Lumumba as a “good dancer” and “field mobilizer” who lacks administrative and managerial skills.
“Lumumba unfortunately did not go to high institutions like me; where you could go to Makerere University and see how administration flows. She was a district education officer then a parliamentarian. I pity her,” Tanga said.
Lumumba in retaliation said Tanga should stop talking about her “beautiful booty” and “lipstick” and instead “grow up and start minding his own business.”

Tanga Odoi’s past attacks

On Tamale Mirundi: “Tamale Mirundi is hopeless and has low intelligence quotient.’’
Takes on Otafiire: “I saw Otafiire on television, I felt so disappointed to see a man, who is in charge of the ministry of justice. Otafiire is suffering from expanded ego.’’

On General Tumukunde: “You have intimidated our MPs, you have intimidated me and I am not easily intimidated.”
On Sarah Opendi: Tanga Odoi; Hon. Sarah Opendi has had a long crush on me but I rejected her advances. Odoi explained that friend zone started a long way back when they were much youthful.

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